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What are Sugar Dates?

You’ve probably heard or read the term “sugar daddy. The word has been used a lot lately. It is a form of dating in which usually an older, wealthier person takes care of a younger person financially, and that person in return spends time with him or her, perhaps even sleeping with him or her.

So the sugar daddy is a mature, experienced man who successfully keeps his feet on the ground and spoils his young girlfriend with gifts, restaurant visits, and holidays. In return, he’s looking for companionship, time together, and sex.

An age difference of 20 between a sugar daddy and his girlfriend for courtship is not uncommon.

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What is a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy?

A sugar baby is a young, attractive woman who engages in a sexual relationship with a usually older, financially successful man (or sugar daddy) and receives expensive gifts, holidays and “pocket money” in return. In the sugar dating world, the man is usually the one with the money and status. But there are also examples of women who allow young men to move in with them and in return take care that they do not need anything, just as there are portals for homosexual men looking for a boy to fulfill their sexual desires .

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